Triple Clay Soap Bar

Triple Clay Soap Bar


Knock dirt and oils out of the park while getting the benefits of 3 types of clay with the Triple Clay Soap Bar!


With skin loving shea butter, coconut oil & olive oil as well as Bentonite & Rose Clays and Activated Charcoal, this bar makes a great shaving and face cleansing bar.

Bring on the calm with a light hint of dark amber lavender fragrance.


  • Bentonite Clay Properties:
    • Natural product made from volcanic ash that provides great slip for shaving
    • It binds with and removes toxins as well as absorbing excess oil from the skin


  • Rose Clay Properties:
    • A medium weight clay used for it's silkiness & slip, which is great for shaving as well as oil absorbency
    • Rich in silica which helps improve skin elasticity and cell renewal
    • Helps promote a balance complexion & minimizes blackheads


  • Activated Charcoal
    • Great for all skin types
    • Absorbs excess oil
    • Gently exfoliates to help clears skin blemishes and reduce the size of pores


Approx Wt 4.6 oz


Ingredients: Saponified Oils of: (Olive, Sunflower, Vegetable, Shea Butter, Palm, Coconut & Castor), Sodium Lactate, Silk, Clay (Charcoal, Rose, Bentonite), Dark Amber Lavender Fragrance Oil