Soap Flake Tins

Soap Flake Tins

Ever use a public restroom/school/restaurant, etc and find the soap dispenser empty? Ever have a little unexpected mess in the car that just needs that good ole fashioned hand washing? Wipes are great in a pinch, but I always found my hands felt sticky after using them and I couldn't wait till I could actually wash my hands. Harsh detergents and alcohol take their toll on skin, making it dry, flakey and weathered looking. Soap flakes to the rescue. These round tins are filled to the brim with over 2 ounces of our delicious smelling soap flakes. They fit perfectly in a backpack, purse or even your pocket. Just a small flake and a little water and you're on your way to cleaner, healthier skin. Because these soap flakes are made directly from our homemade bars they include all the same ingredients. 

Approx Wt 2oz


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